A review and comparison of the most popular Poker Pro Collectibles

Okay, how many times have I so engrossed watching a poker game of your favorite players, reflecting them is almost automatic. We have done many times, our favorite is seeing all Hellmuth Jr. fans try to act like him through any weekend. Maybe you ladies out there rotting in Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman men face. Whatever your fantasy is, Poker Stars Direct offers some of the most popular poker professional collection for your enjoyment.

Chris Ferguson

Anyone else ever seeing Ferguson hypnotized complete with chopping a carrot just throw the cards? Well, the man is a very calm and relaxed player who uses his big cowboy hat, long hair, beard, and ice cold behavior to intimidate the other players at the table. If you are a fan of Mr. Ferguson, Poker Stars Direct has a real doll of this legend of Texas Hold'em collectibles of professional poker. Doing things in a thirty percent discount only mature tempted to purchase this great gift. Claim No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

Annie Duke

The Queen of Texas Hold'em is based fans of both sexes, showing their poker talent for all to see. We find Poker Stars Direct selling a professional poker dealer button programming signature collection with Annie on both sides for nearly seventy percent off. Best of all, it's an exclusive product that means you can only get it on the website Poker Stars Direct. The button is a quarter inch thick, which is the same size you can find in your local casinos. Play Online Bingo for Money

Howard Lederer

If there is a mathematician, engineer, troubleshooting boss wants to come and find out all their tricks to Texas Hold'em, Howard Lederer is the number one guy. His wit is unmatched and Poker Stars Direct has the "how to" video call More Secrets of No-Limit Hold'em, along with two others available for purchase. You will receive pre-flop strategies and betting, stained says, tracks on a bluff, slow play and of course the championship game style. These are definitely pro poker must have collection for anyone who wanted to become better.

Gus Hansen

Not really know anyone who does not like Gus Hansen. He has a very calm and cool game, and then out of nowhere can make you lose a bet aggressive just when everyone thought they had planned. This helps make it one of the most popular players on the tour and Poker Stars Direct offers a striking Hockey Jersey. Getting a "Deal with the Pros" patch, this one of a kind look only leave his opponents constantly guessing your every move. Nothing like that kind of poker pro collection anywhere.


This does not even scratch the surface of all poker players have the pro collectibles Poker Stars Direct website. In total, there are thirty-five different players who have come to love watching on TV. Dolls, shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, hats and much, much more await you to take home. Well, that's a little extreme, but if you're not going to see everything for yourself, it is difficult to foresee all the discounts and other items available on their website.